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Rome Can’t Handle Naomi Osaka’s 3D Bear Nail Art

Naomi osaka at 2021 met gala with avant garde braided hair and red makeupGetty Images

Naomi Osaka's nails have been going places that some people only ever dream of seeing — aka Rome and all of its ancient treasures. On Tuesday, October 19, the tennis player and founder of Kinlò Skin shared some photos of her cute, bear-themed nail art on Instagram and Twitter while on a Roman holiday. 

The coffin-shaped nails come in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, pink, blue, and white. They're each topped with mini bear sculptures, which some fans in her Instagram comments section have identified as Rilakkuma, a cartoon bear from Japan. Osaka's vacay nails seem to have also been well received by her fans. Many of them came to her comments section to say how much they love the set. Sadly, Osaka left us hanging as to who's behind all this manicured cuteness. 

Osaka isn't the only celebrity who's expressed her love for all things kawaii on her tips. Megan Thee Stallion has also proudly shown her love for Japanese culture on her nails with at least three sets (each of which you can check out here, here, and here). 

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We're all here for Osaka expressing herself through her nails, and it's not often that we see her posting nailfies. Last time we checked, she showed off some bedazzled digits on Thursday, September 16, which we're guessing were her nails for the Met Gala that was held just days before on Monday, September 13. Regardless of the season and the trends, Osaka's latest set proves you can never go wrong with your nail art — just go with what you love. If you're more partial to following trends, however, we have all the nail inspiration you need to get you through the rest of fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and yes, even winter. 

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Beyoncé’s New Bangs Are Inspired By Her “Me, Myself, and I” Music Video

side by side of beyonce from TIDAL X Brooklyn 2017 and screenshot of beyonce singing from me myself and i videoGetty Images/SME 

We don't know what's going on, but Beyoncé has been feeling extra generous with her Instagram posts lately. The "Brown Skin Girl" singer has been vacationing and living her best life in Italy for the past few weeks. She's also been blessing her millions of fans with several carousels full of photos (a wildly rare occasion) featuring all the gorgeous outfits and hairstyles she's been wearing. On October 16, she did the unthinkable and posted three separate looks all in one day, and we don't know what we did to deserve all the content but thank you, Queen Bey. 

However, it's not those posts themselves we are focused on here. We're too busy obsessing over the new sleek bangs that she shared in one of those Instagram carousels on October 19. She looks stunning (I mean, what else do you expect?) in a mint-colored Saïnt Mojavï silk gown, strappy seafoam heels, and a small bedazzled circle bag. To complement the outfit, hairstylist Neal Farinah opted for a sleek, straight hairstyle with brow-skimming side-swept bangs. These eye-grazing bangs shift from brown to caramel to honey-blonde in a seamless ombré effect. Not a hair is out of place in this style that cascades to her waist. 

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Farinah looked to Bey's early career, specifically her 2003 "Me, Myself, and I" video, for inspiration for this hairstyle, as he noted in an Instagram post. For those who may have forgotten the amazing video, in one major scene, the Houston singer is on the floor singing her heart out with straight, medium-length hair and blonde bangs that fall into her eyes. This style is not exactly the same, but we appreciate the tribute to the beauty looks from earlier years. 

We have a good feeling that by the time we fully recover from experiencing these new bangs, we'll get another Instagram notification letting us know the Queen has graciously posted yet another new photo set. These bangs could be gone by then, but if Farinah is taking inspiration from her early career, perhaps we'll be seeing brunette Beyoncé very soon. 

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The Career Advice You Need to Hear, Based on Your Enneagram

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Our careers make up a large part of our lives. We go to college to get a job, we spend time (and money!) to perfect our resumes to land our dream job in our field, spend 40+ hours a week trying to build our portfolios and make a name for ourselves, devour all the career advice we can—and we still have more than 30 years to go before retirement. So we might as well make it as good as it can be, right?

Career advice is some of the most sought after here at The Everygirl, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Not all of us struggle with the same issues, and what some of us have figured out keeps others up at night. But we found the best way to give targeted career advice to a large audience: the enneagram! Our favorite personality test might be the best way to learn how you can boost your career, improve your productivity, and reach all of your goals. 


Ones are all about improving themselves. They’re called The Perfectionists because they want everything around them to be good and done correctly. They’re responsible and detail-oriented, making them strong candidates for jobs that require precision and accuracy. As an employee, you can count on them to turn in quality work.

With their perfectionist nature, they are their biggest inner critic. They worry that their work isn’t good unless it’s perfect, which can disrupt deadlines or cause issues when working with a team. Understand what makes you a strong employee and leader and own it. Growing your confidence in the workplace will improve your quality and quantity of work. 

10 Ways to Be More Confident at Work



Relationship-oriented, caring, and supportive, twos are all about helping others. They make amazing coworkers and team members because they’re all about being there for every member of the group.

When you’re creating friendships at work, make sure you set boundaries. Is this person just a work friend? Are you going to talk about work outside of the office, or is your friendship and work relationship separate? Keep these questions (and answers) in mind for a seamless relationship that is beneficial at work and at happy hour. 

How to Set Friendship Boundaries at Work



I’m sure there are a lot of threes reading this right now. They love leadership development and being the best employee or manager they can be. They’re always trying to level up their career, and they take a lot of pride in being career-focused. They’re goal-oriented and feel accomplished when they are appreciated and praised at work.

Focus on building your career by finding your niche—where do you fit in your company? Are you the one who’s known for amazing customer service and personality? Or do you excel at following data leads and executing projects? 

5 Habits That Make You Stand Out at Work



The Romantic is idealistic and seeks meaningful experiences, especially in their careers. They long to create and show their artistic expression through their career, which makes them perfect for roles that require thinking outside of the box and discovering unique ideas and solutions for problems.

Find ways to keep your productivity up to tackle your biggest goals, especially if a side hustle is on that list. Fours struggle with balancing their emotions with their logic mind, so focusing on your overall career goals instead of your goals within your current company will allow you to broaden your horizons. 

9 Productivity Hacks That Will Help You Impress Your Boss



If you’ve ever sat in your office and thought about how much more productive and efficient you’d be if you were at home, odds are, you’re a five. Fives are analytical and enjoy having time and space to themselves to work.

Focus on building up your home office space (whether it’s a room with a view or your bed). This will give you the privacy and energy you crave to accomplish tasks and complete projects on your own time. 

How to Make Your Daily Work-From-Home Routine Feel Fresh Again



If you’re in an industry with a lot of competition, you’ll want a six on your team. They are trustworthy and loyal and will work hard to discover the strategies to accomplish team goals.

Sixes are hyper-aware of what’s going on around them, so they have a sense of perception that others might not understand. However, this can also make them quite pessimistic and anxious, often causing them to focus so intently on their main goals while forgetting the small ones necessary to get them to the end. Look at your goals closely to discover the small steps you need to achieve them. 

How to Turn Jealousy Into Productivity



Sevens are amazing at staying in the moment, which allows them to be optimistic and adventurous. They’re the employees who will gladly take up new opportunities to travel to another office or try out that new productivity app that everyone is buzzing about.

They love thinking ahead to future plans while keeping a fast-paced mindset on achieving and setting new goals consistently. All this can lead to burnout quickly, and the last thing a seven wants is to feel unmotivated and bored at work. To combat this, delegate tasks that bore you as much as possible and work on new, interesting projects as much as you can to get you excited again. 

Why Your Work Burnout Might Really Be Loneliness



Competition is a daily source of motivation and drive for an eight. In the workplace, they’re leaders who take charge and ask the necessary questions to propel their careers further. They’re always looking for the next opportunity, whether it’s a raise, a promotion, or a new leadership role.

Keep your career thriving by asking for more duties at work. This initiative will certainly impress your boss when it comes time to discuss raises and promotions later in the year.

How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work



Nines are all about going with the flow, and when it comes to their career, they seek to harmonize and work with others as much as possible. They are easygoing and empathetic, so they understand and see all sides and possibilities of a conflict.

While twos are typically considered the people-pleasing type, nines can often get caught up in trying to keep the peace in situations that actually call for a little productive conflict. Your relationships won’t suffer if you speak up about something that is bothering you—remember that, and you’ll start to feel more respected and confident in the workplace.

How to Finally Stop Being a People-Pleaser



How to Have a Better Relationship According to Your Enneagram


The Hobby You Should Try Next Based on Your Enneagram